Terms of Service

Terms and Conditions for Freelance Web Development Services


The freelancer agrees to provide web development services as outlined in the project proposal or as mutually agreed upon by both parties.

The scope of work will be detailed in the project proposal, including features, functionality, and any additional services.

Payment Terms

The client is required to provide a 50% advance payment upon project commencement.

The remaining 50% payment is due upon completion and delivery of the project.

All payments should be made in USD and through a bank transfer or an agreed-upon payment gateway.

Project Timeline

The project timeline will be outlined in the project proposal or as mutually agreed upon separately.

Delays caused by the client, including late feedback or material provision, may result in an extension of the project timeline.

Client Responsibilities

The client is responsible for providing all necessary materials, content, and access to relevant systems for the completion of the project.

Timely and constructive feedback is crucial for the project’s progress.

Revisions and Changes

A reasonable number of revisions are included in the project fee.

Additional revisions or changes to the agreed-upon scope of work may result in additional charges.

Intellectual Property

Upon receipt of full payment, the client will have full ownership rights to the completed web development project.

The freelancer retains the right to use the completed work in their portfolio and for self-promotion.


The freelancer agrees to keep all client information confidential and will not disclose any sensitive information to third parties without prior consent.


Either party may terminate this agreement with a 30-day written notice.

The client is responsible for payment for any work completed up to the termination date.

Late Payments

A late fee of [specified percentage] will be applied to unpaid invoices within [number of days] days from the due date.

Persistent late payments may result in the suspension of work once outstanding payments are settled.


The client agrees to indemnify and hold the freelancer harmless from any claims, losses, or damages arising from the use or misuse of the completed web development project.


Any amendments to this agreement must be made in writing and signed by both parties.

Force Majeure

Neither party shall be held liable for any delay or failure to perform its obligations under this agreement due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control.

Entire Agreement

This agreement constitutes the entire understanding between the parties and supersedes all prior agreements and understandings, whether oral or written.